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Yoni Mozeson

As consumers we instinctually gravitate towards products and services with a USP - Unique Selling Position. Your search for a Marketing partner should be no different. Our USP is embedded in our name. MindPrint (as you may know by now) brings strategic focus to identifying and removing customers’ emotional barriers to the purchase or adoption of your product or service. This site showcases MindPrints that launched techs, biotechs healthcare brands, and nonprofits.  These utilized the very same 

services that we provide today:
Web and digital marketing, print ads, commercials, videos, marketing materials, PR and trade show booths. As with any company, its USP also

emerges from the individual journey of its founders. My journey took me from ordination at Yeshiva University to my first pulpit at Ogilvy - the biggest and arguably the best global advertising agency.

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Ten years on Madison Avenue was the best bootcamp for strategic
thinking in the world. I bring that passion for strategic thinking into
every marketing solution. Including the one where it seems most
woefully absent today - digital marketing. My passion for creativity

and conceptual thinking led to another pursuit made possible when
my wife and I moved to Israel.
Video podcasting an ancient, holy text call Midrash - on youtube, spotify, apple, and facebook

Ma’ayan Kossof-Steinberg

Besides being an artist of great note, Ma’ayan worked at Ogilvy for more than 12 years in a variety of divisions including: Ogilvy Interactive, Ogilvy One and O&M Direct.

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Her combination of style, color and clean designs coupled with technical design expertise, plus strong conceptual strategic thinking make her work stand out with great effectiveness in reaching her client’s desired audience. A recipient of many prestigious industry awards, Ma’ayan has been a Creative Director and Senior Art Director at other major New York agencies and creative boutiques as well as working with non-profit and Fortune 500 clients. She has been responsible for building brands and growing client’s business with cross-channel solutions. Ma’ayan has led creative teams that helped Priceline launch their revolutionary online brand, GlaxoSmithKline launch Verymyst, IBM and American Express expand their small business markets, just to name a few.

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